I am so excited that I published my first book! Well, Rocky was my technical expert as an Aircraft and Power plant (A&P) Mechanic and aircraft designer/builder/fixed wing pilot!

Here is the link to the publisher’s page:

Here is a link to the YouTube trailer:

Here is the press release from the publisher:
Diana Cash Lennon’s newly released “Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?” is an exciting introduction to the world of aircraft.

Summary of the release
“Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?” from Christian Faith Publishing author Diana Cash
Lennon is a fascinating beginner’s guide to the basics of aircraft that will teach the curious layperson the terms and principles that make up every miraculous flying piece of machinery ever to take flight.
Full release text

“Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?”: a beginner’s guide to aircraft.
“Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?” is the creation of published author Diana Cash Lennon, a writer, editor, and mother of two who was born in Dayton, Ohio, a.k.a. the birthplace of aviation, and married to an aircraft mechanic and pilot.
Lennon writes, “‘Plane!’—a word squealed in delight by toddlers who hear, look up, and see a big gray object, a jet, sometimes leaving a billowy trail of white smoke (vapor), flying overhead. What is it? How did it get up there when I am down here? Can you take me to see a real plane? Can I touch it? Can we go inside? Can I ride in one?

The wonders of the airplane never cease to amaze us. Endless questions come from
our fascination with airplanes and flight. What is an airplane? Is an airplane any different from an aircraft? Why do they look different from each other? Can they fly without power? What are all the different parts of a plane called?
Why Do Airplanes Have Tails? will take the reader from top to bottom, from left to right,from inside to outside, and in between, discovering a light aircraft and its basic parts. To be sure, they are complicated pieces of machinery. However, they operate under simple principles and with its many parts operating together, each contribute to lifting this piece of metal (or wood or composite) into the air.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Diana Cash Lennon’s new book is an
informative and stimulating reference volume that explains complicated aspects of aircraft in uncomplicated ways. With the sparkle and authority of a longtime airplane enthusiast, Lennon uncovers the story behind many of the airplanes that have made history, including the Concorde, the Wright Flyer, the Voyager, and the Spruce Goose, among others.

View a synopsis of “Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?” on YouTube.
Consumers can purchase “Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Why Do Airplanes Have Tails?”, contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.

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